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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Client Feedback

Below are comments posted by clients of North Shore IT.

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John did a wonderful job setting up our computers and helping us.
John has a calling to free computers of all debree. He has the zeal of Mr. Clean and the interity of a Jedi. Once John harmonizes your computer, you feel your computer is connected to a fast but true world.


Thanks for your help in setting up my office with a new server, new work stations and upgrading my software and networking capabilities. I especially appreciated your enthusiastic approach, your flexibility to work around my staff and your ability to listen to our needs and create and execute solutions that work!
I am now fully committed to making you a part of our team as the IT guy.
Thanks again.
John's insights, instincts and understanding of the relationship between computers and software programs, and how clients like myself can maximize their features has been most rewarding. In addition, his knowledge regarding the necessary safeguards for my system gave me a big confidence boost as the flawless operation of my computer is essential working in the hyper-fast world of marketing communications.
I have utilized John’s services since early 2007. Why? My computer crashed. John not only recreated my software and files but added customized security protection. I am amazed at the number of “intruders” my security catches. Additionally, John is extremely knowledgeable in the software and programs I use. I can say to John “I wish I could…” or “How can I…” and John makes it happen. My computer is now first rate and geared for me. Since the “crash” I have continued to utilize John’s services for new projects. Oh, and by the way – John answers his phone and promptly returns phone messages. John = A+ in service, knowledge, and value.


John is a computer guru! I'm not much for all this cyber stuff but if you need a guy who is fun to work with, extremely knowledgeable, and gets the job done, he's your guy. Thanks John!
John has done a great job with our computer network. He's always available when we need him, and he takes care of things in a timely, professional manner.

Always there to save the day...and my sanity. Will do his best to make the old function like new and will tell you when its time to get a grip and upgrade.
Thanks so much John for being so responsive to solving our computer problems these past two years. My son always learn so much during your visits. We really appreciate your timely, professional help whenever we need it.
John was immediate, professional, kind and extremely knowledgeable. My business depends on my computer and he was more than amazing in competency, understanding and rapid turn around time. If you have a problem with your computer John is the guy... feel secure he's got the cure!

Bob in Rockport
After a sudden failure threw us for a loop, John was able to get our new machines up and running in record time, with all our valuable data in place. He was flexible, pleasant and prompt. Cape Ann Animal Aid thanks you!

John really knows what he is doing,and he is very professional. I had a lot of problems with my computer system for a long time. John wiped the slate clean,added more memory,and upgraded my systems' security with the most advanced applications. It's great to have a system that is actually customized for me. Anyone would do well to use Johns'services.

Joe S. Glou, Ma
John supplies all of our desktop services over two companies. Very versatile and helpful.
If I had known how much time,trouble and aggravation John could save me I'd have called him sooner and more often -- lesson learned!
Suddenly my disk drives were in limbo--I couldn't send or retrieve data. John came over to my house and fixed the problem in less than an hour--then proceeded to clean up my setup so now it boots and runs faster. Consider me a repeat customer
It's a great feeling not to worry about my business technology needs. John takes care of our in office needs as well as making our "virtual" business possible. John is a wealth of knowledge and has made it very easy for me to connect to my staff at work while I'm on the road or at home.

John helped me through my PC crash with speed and integrity. He offered to picked it up the day that I called and returned it a couple of days later.
My information was salvaged from the rubble with no sticker shock.
I will happily use his services again!
I could never have accomplished the clean up and streamlining of my computers as John has. While I have wanted to network computers in my home, that is something I could never accomplish with my skill level. John has brought me the best computing shape I have ever experienced with a confidence level that it can be maintained and is always backed up.
John has helped us as we've moved into our home in a couple of different ways. First, he is working with my husband to get his PC up and running AND he finished the wiring on our stereo system, bringing music into lives again. He is highly knowledgeable about assembling audio systems - and nothing makes a house into a home quite like having favorite songs playing in the background!

Thanks, John -
John was prompt and very thorough. He explained everything in terms I could understand, and had me operating smoothly and efficiently in a short time.
Thanks John for helping me wipe out the computer virus I had. I couldn't of done it with out you!
John has been setting up the computers in my new office. He has been an excellent advisor on hardware and software purchases and has been working tirelessly to get the system up and running before my opening day. He has also advised me on phone purchases and set up. He patiently explains the most technical information clearly and in a way even a very nontechnical person can understand. I recommend him highly.
They do a great job. Whenever there is a problem of any kind they are AVAILABLE to help immediately. Can't say enough about them.

Nevin - LM & Co.
John is the IT "Go to Guy" on the North Shore! I consider myself pretty computer savvy and very experienced. When I ran into a data migration problem after upgrading my work desktop from XP to Windows 7, I called John, who immediately made a few suggestions and told me he would do it right away! I dropped both desktops off on a Saturday afternoon and had them back by Sunday noon. Much earlier and less expensive than I had expected! He also had everything migrated and installed as promised. If you prefer to work with a master of his craft as I do, call John for all of your computer solutions and needs. Sean
We were beyond frustrated with our son's laptop having repeated "freezing up" issues. We tried everything we could think of. We had heard of John's excellent cost-efficient computer work from other satisfied customers. After discussing our problems on the phone with him, he seemed like the "go to guy" for us. Well, he was, and he saved the day! Even with our security protection virus scanning, etc.; the laptop had a virus we did not know about. With John's expertise, he not only found the virus, but fixed the computer so efficiently that we now have superior security software protection & the computer flies. Most importantly for all of us; he received the computer on the 22nd of December and had it back to us by Christmas Eve. He saved our son's Christmas knowing what "Santa" was delivering that needed that computer! He had offered no promises, but he did it! THANK YOU John/North Shore II!
John has been a tremendous asset. His prompt and clear responses to questions about the systems and rapid fixing of problems keeps my business effective and profitable. He's the best in my book. Bob M.
John is exceptionally knowledgeable and is keeping pace with rapidly sophisticating virus/malware attacks. He is very responsive and took time to sit with my wife and I to explain his work and how to improve our computer's performance and protection. -- M&J
John is an expert in his field. He always responds to me quickly and never treats me like the"computer dummy" that I am. I feel very lucky to have him to assist me.
John is friendly and cheerful and knowledgeable, and tries to move me to higher and better systems while solving my problems on the old ones. He is punctual and flexible and easy to reach by phone. I will continue working with him.
When I called John, he was able to fit me in before the end of the day. He rescued my computer from 82 viruses!! Luckily, it wasn't too late and he was able to clean it up and get me back on track. He called the next day to follow up. Thank you John!
The system in our office had to be upgraded and John did it all from wiring and drilling holes in the floor to hardware, phones, networking, software and on and on. His recommendations were thoughtful and his work well done. John is a definite help for someone who is not very tech savvy.
John P. has worked with me in recovering files from a computer that crashed. These files were paramount to my business and he had me up and running again in a very short time. More recently he is helping me to further develop my business with his assistance in getting my web site up and running.He is very timely in his response and often stays on longer than he may have planned to explain the more intricate details that help me to design my website.
John proved to be very knowlegeable, helpful, and quick in setting up our first web site.‎
John really helped us out in a pinch. He was on time, professional, and easy to communicate with. We will definitely be using his services again!‎
Our server and internet were both running very slow. We couldn't figure it out even after months of trouble shooting with ISP tech support and other consultants. John diagnosed the problem, recommended new hardware which he sold to us at cost, and we saw an immediate difference. Our broadband upload / download speeds went from 300kb/800kb second to 8MB/32MB without even changing our service provider. Insane difference. Moreover, they are smart, personable, and easy to work with.‎
Information John sent to me in March coincided with my need to decide which way to turn once my Webroot system expired.
I just finished downloading his North Shore-IT recommendations including Avira Antivir Personal Edition (Free), SUPERAntiSpyware Professional (paid version), and Sygate Personal Firewall. I am thankful for these tips. I trust his skills, and I always find the information he sends to be helpful.

John is our 'North Shore IT guy' whose always there to help when needed. He's very quick with responding to phone calls and emails, as well as with making an appointment to fix whatever issue we have. He's just a friendly, personable guy who knows what he's doing.‎
John P. cleaned out a computer full of virus's and programs slowing the machine down. He installed a faster more accessible Google site which can be accessed on ANY computer. Good bye outlook. Synced the work program into a android phone for increased organization and speed. He is very patient, tolerant of of your needs and listens to what you need and want. He is technically savy for the technically challenged. Older or younger folk can get what you need accomplished and more with the help of Johns service and experience. Thank you John for all your help! You will always be my "computer guy"! Great Job! ajk
Thank you Dr. John for your help the past couple of days.

With your help we are running ship shape again with no dust or debri on our floors and hard drives of any kind!

I will be sure to vacumn on a more consistent basis. Hah...
Thanks John for all your help. My computer is working so much better, and it's good to be connected and faster. I really appreciated all you did to help, and you didn't make me feel like a dinosaur in the computer world. Thanks for your prompt response, patience and explanations.
Gini, Magnolia.
Got me out of my network hell! Immediate response, professional, spoke in terms a gerbil could understand. I have a new computer networking hero!!
John has done a wonderful job configueing my modem, router, laptop and tv.

He is very knowlegable and did a great job. He was very helpful and gave me the basic concepts of what he was doing.

I'll definitely use his services in the future.
Recently on a late weeknight as I returned to work on my laptop there was an odd pop. My computer went dark under what appeared to be a serious problem. As a creative in advertising with my client files among others hanging in the balance .... several ominous warning screens came up ...very little was functioning ...and I was in panic mode. It's midnight. I called John Penaloza, North Shore IT to leave a message, and he picks up! ...telling me he sensed a serious concern given the time.

We arrange for me to drop of the computer at 8AM the next morning as he will clear out time to assess the situation. Throughout my panic John maintains a calming, assuring tone and goes to work. Returning to my office I'm thinking of all the obvious worst case scenarios. He calls me with a mid-day update still not sure of the degree of damage but remaining hopeful.

Finally...sometime between 4 and 5P he calls and in a very matter of fact tone tells me the viruses have been removed, updates added, reviews options to improve security and by early evening I'm back in business. Grateful beyond words and relieved big-time.

There is no higher level of praise or regard than to say you trust a brand, a product or service. Over the years, as John's client, I have trusted him with my computer and software purchases, and more meaningfully trust in his ability to safeguard my computers and in turn my business.

PFM, Manchester by the Sea, MA
John is personable, responsive, and experienced computer man who freely shares his knowledge of the computer world to those of us less gifted in this area. Incisive but not pushy, Quality conscience but sensitive to the budget. John is a rare mix of one who bring you to the next business level without breaking the bank in the process. His computer help over this past year has indeed been a source of comfort for me.
John came over on a Sunday and explained our options. Because we have a small business, we decided to update our system. John took care of ordering and installing a new laptop and printer. He's very knowledgeable, helpful and personable. It's nice to know there's someone we can call who can help or talk us through an issue. Thanks, John.
John came strongly recommended and went straight to work on resolving two sets of computer issues without blinking. Will certainly use his IT services in my business in the future. And, do you know, he s exteremely personable which makes him even more welcoming in my business life. - Posted on 05/26/12 by RobertR on Yahoo (
John has saved us numerous times, providing at-home I.T. at the odd hours and with rapid solutions that allow us to seemlessly telework without any lost productivity. During his last visit, he was able to extricate viruses that i'd deeply braided into my hard drive until it was entirely frozen. No files were injured or lost in the process, and it came back running faster than my office computer.

Always able to explain in plain-english, John gave us advice on free virus scan software, and tips on how to recognize any viruses that do slip by before they freeze us up again. His expertise is impressive, but his communication and teaching skills are really invaluable. He's a great resource for us on the North Shore! - Posted on 8/26/2013 on Yelp by Colleen C., Rockport, MA. (
I just relocated from Miami, FL to Salem, MA - and i am writer working from home. I recently had need to get IT support on my wi-fi network and contacted John. He was so responsive, in fact, he was at my door no more than an hour after contacting him. He was prepared for any issues, and within an hour we were back on line. I would not hesitate to use John again, and recommend his firm to anyone who inqires. - Posted on 8/30/2013 on Yelp by William G., Salem, MA. (
John at North Shore IT has been a great resource for us. He set up a system so that our wireless Internet access works well throughout our large old 3-story house with multiples devices and users. He also set up wireless printing from all if our devices. The system worked great for a long time. Then one day our wireless access went down. We called John and he responded quickly. He came over to troubleshoot the problem and discovered a piece of equipment had failed. He was able to get a replacement that same day and we were back up and running a few hours later. I would highly recommend John at North Shore IT to anyone. He is knowledgable, friendly, and very responsive. - Posted on 9/14/2013 on Yelp by Rebecca R., Manchester, MA. (
I recently contacted North Shore IT because my laptop was not running properly. John quickly scheduled an appointment for me and within a short time had removed viruses,malware and spyware, and had my laptop running fast and efficiently. He was able to install more effective anti-virus software and tweak everything to run at its optimal level. He also had great recommendations for upgrades,prevention and maintenance. He was professional,,courteous and friendly. It was a great experience, and I would definitely recommend North Shore IT. - Posted on 11/5/2013 on Yelp by Amy R., Rockport, MA. (
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